Brochures and Additional Materials

Prostate Cancer Treatment Information Guide

Learn how the CyberKnife® System can provide clinically proven, non-invasive, non-surgical and pain-free treatment designed to help you gain control over your prostate cancer in the shortest number of physician visits and with as little impact on your romantic life or urinary and bowel function as possible.

Additional Materials

25 Facts About Brain Tumors

The CyberKnife® System has provided thousands of cancer patients with highly personalized treatment for cancers and conditions within the brain. This engaging infographic shares 25 interesting facts about brain tumors — from the history of treating different types of functional diseases and lesions, to how the CyberKnife System continues to provide a uniquely effective, non-surgical treatment option for these diseases.

21 Health & Wellness Tips for Men

The CyberKnife® System can provide men living with a wide range of cancers with a proven, non-surgical treatment option. But a healthy lifestyle is an even more powerful tool in the fight against cancer. Here are 21 simple tips to help men ensure they’re doing all they can to remain healthy and active, and reducing their risk of cancer.