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Diagnosis: Acoustic Neuroma

Mark’s Story

Mark’s journey with his Acoustic Neuroma started years before he knew it. In 1991 he remembers sitting in his living room listening to music through headphones and thinking that the right speaker didn’t sound right. He assumed that the stereo was broken and he’d just have to replace it someday. Several months later, Mark woke

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Suzanne’s Story

For 34-year-old Suzanne, nothing is more important than being the best mother possible to her young children. But in the fall of 2005, a discovery during a routine brain scan threatened to hinder the Phoenix, Ariz., mom’s ability to care for her children. Several years before, doctors had discovered that Suzanne had a pineal cyst,

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Elaine’s Story

My decision to speak with an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor came about because I thought I was losing my hearing in my right ear. I found myself asking, “Did you say something to me?” more often than I thought I should be and there were times while waiting for an elevator I would

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Laurenz’s Story

Laurenz first experienced some balance problems and hearing loss back in 1996. He went to a general practitioner (GP) who thought he might have had a buildup of wax. Then, after a few more weeks, he went to a GP again who thought it might be a virus. Over that Christmas, his mother made him

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