Todd’s Story

My experience with the CyberKnife® System began when I had a craniopharyngioma (benign brain tumor) resected in 2007. I had a gross total resection. My neurosurgeon warned me that it was likely to come back. In 2013 it reappeared. The doctor didn’t want to do another craniotomy so he told me he wanted to radiate the tumor. I asked: “Gamma Knife?” He said that there was something newer and as accurate that would be used. The first week of September 2013 I began treatment. It was only 5 consecutive days of treatments. Several months later, my radiation oncologist informed me that the tumor was gone, the only thing left was a little bit of scar tissue. I have an MRI scan every six months and so far there has been no regrowth or new tumor. The CyberKnife treatments were easy, only about an hour for each treatment. I did not experience any nausea or sickness during or after my treatments.

As of the creation of this patient profile, Todd found his CyberKnife treatment to be successful.